how to change the home screen shortcuts

In dieser Zeit werden wir über die Installation, Konfiguration BlackBerry Bold E-Mail erklären. Gewöhnlich Benutzer einrichten möchten ihren BlackBerry für persönliche E-Mail. Hier geht’s:

As stated in how to change the home screen shortcuts Auf einem Computer gehen Sie zu [yourserviceprovider]. Website und ein Konto erstellen, dann integrieren Sie Ihre persönliche E-Mail. Sie benötigen die PIN und IMEI-Nummern, die Sie in Ihrem BlackBerry unter Optionen dann Status zu finden.

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Solving Problems Device Error 371

you can solve Device error 371 problems on your BlackBerry by using these steps. 371 This error usually happens on your BlackBerry device caused by different directions. Some of them, suddenly appeared an error message when you open your BlackBerry, it shows “Error 317 – Reset. The device is usually not recognized by the computer when it arises.

Apparently, the device shows error 371 with white background white. You can fix this error 371 device with these steps:

1) Remove the device package to the operating system on your PC Upgrade (Add / Remove Programs)

2) clean uninstall the software from RIM DTM:

KB02206 uninstall * As a new BlackBerry Desktop Software

3) Get a new download software from RIM DTM:

Https: / /

* Select the version that is newer and (if applicable) is compatible with your PIM (if you synchornizing via USB) is:

* KB12268 applications from BlackBerry Desktop Manager supports synchronization

4) Download (PC) a copy of the new package from your operator exact operational mechanism:

* Http: / / / eng / support / downloads / download_sites.jsp

5) install DTM for your PC

6) Install (also for PC), the device from the operating system package

7) Repeat the process of recovery.

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App Error 523 Message on Bold

masalah Terkenal App Error 523 pada Bold disebabkan oleh banyak faktor. Salah satunya adalah dalam Manajer Desktop. Biasanya ini mengindikasikan oleh DM tidak mengenali Bold. Anda dapat menggunakan tips ini dalam memecahkan masalah ini kesalahan 523.

Anda dapat mencoba untuk Pasang BB dan menjalankan apploader.exe. Ini terletak di C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research in Motion \ AppLoader. Atau, cobalah untuk mengeluarkan baterai dan mencolokkan Bold Anda dan meluncurkan DM. DM tidak akan benar-benar mengenali Anda Bold dan di daerah perangkat dropdown selction ia akan berkata unkown untuk PIN, namun ia mengakui cukup untuk mendapatkan OS diinstal ulang

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JVM Error 529 on Storm Solved

we will discuss jum error 529 your BlackBerry Storm. Usually this is indicated by Error 529 error message on the screen says “JVM Error 529 – Next. This happens when you type a text message on your Storm suddenly reboot. And then the error message 529th

To solve this JUM error 529 using these simple steps:

1. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-click Intellisync, and then click
Auto-Start … .

2. Make sure the only option is enabled update the handheld date and time.

3. Click OK, click Close.

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blackberry 8520 mms issues t mobile

Now, we can discuss on how to solve problems blackberry 8520 mms issues t mobile. So I just got the new BlackBerry 9800 torch unlocked and ready to use for T-Mobile. The fact is that there is no option for me to send MMS text or image through the options. I tried to do maintenance booklet ( with this stuff. Once I did, I had the advantage of working, but mms still not an option for me. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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blackberry continuously rebooting

Information on how to solve blackberry continuously rebooting. I recently had problems with the BlackBerry Curve 2. My company has been buying these for our business users. However, we had problems with some of them entering a continuous reboot, where the phone will not boot screen.

I did a lot of troubleshooting on this issue and were able to refine the results of the Memory Cleaner option on the phone. So what I do now, every time a new organization in curve 2, he fumbled before activating it with our BES, I go into security settings and activate the filter of memory. Can I remove the battery and let the restart delay. If starting the phone OK, so I know there is a problem. However, if the “restart loop” problem exists on the phone, it will never start after the Memory Cleaner is enabled.

I spent four hours on the phone with RIM tech support, and some time with technical support from Verizon. Both say it’s a device problem, and that I should ask my support for replacement. However, I came across 6 phones in the last three weeks, all with the same problem. I find it hard to believe that all these phones are defective.

I also tried installing the latest operating system for these phones (at least the last who is on Verizon’s website – If there is a newer version than this one, I’d like to try. I also tried to return the operating system for the old version does not solve the problem.

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Tutorial on how to delete BlackBerry Email Folder. Before you begin: To do this, your e-mail must use a BlackBerry ® Enterprise Server that supports this feature. For more information, contact your administrator.

1. On the Home screen, click the Messages icon.
2. Press Menu.
3. Click View Folder.
4. Highlight a folder.
5. Press the Menu key.
* To add a folder, click Add Folder.
* To move a folder, click Move. Click the new location.
* To rename a folder, click Rename.
* To delete a folder, click Delete.

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