Solving Problems Device Error 371

you can solve Device error 371 problems on your BlackBerry by using these steps. 371 This error usually happens on your BlackBerry device caused by different directions. Some of them, suddenly appeared an error message when you open your BlackBerry, it shows “Error 317 – Reset. The device is usually not recognized by the computer when it arises.

Apparently, the device shows error 371 with white background white. You can fix this error 371 device with these steps:

1) Remove the device package to the operating system on your PC Upgrade (Add / Remove Programs)

2) clean uninstall the software from RIM DTM:

KB02206 uninstall * As a new BlackBerry Desktop Software

3) Get a new download software from RIM DTM:

Https: / /

* Select the version that is newer and (if applicable) is compatible with your PIM (if you synchornizing via USB) is:

* KB12268 applications from BlackBerry Desktop Manager supports synchronization

4) Download (PC) a copy of the new package from your operator exact operational mechanism:

* Http: / / / eng / support / downloads / download_sites.jsp

5) install DTM for your PC

6) Install (also for PC), the device from the operating system package

7) Repeat the process of recovery.


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