blackberry continuously rebooting

Information on how to solve blackberry continuously rebooting. I recently had problems with the BlackBerry Curve 2. My company has been buying these for our business users. However, we had problems with some of them entering a continuous reboot, where the phone will not boot screen.

I did a lot of troubleshooting on this issue and were able to refine the results of the Memory Cleaner option on the phone. So what I do now, every time a new organization in curve 2, he fumbled before activating it with our BES, I go into security settings and activate the filter of memory. Can I remove the battery and let the restart delay. If starting the phone OK, so I know there is a problem. However, if the “restart loop” problem exists on the phone, it will never start after the Memory Cleaner is enabled.

I spent four hours on the phone with RIM tech support, and some time with technical support from Verizon. Both say it’s a device problem, and that I should ask my support for replacement. However, I came across 6 phones in the last three weeks, all with the same problem. I find it hard to believe that all these phones are defective.

I also tried installing the latest operating system for these phones (at least the last who is on Verizon’s website – If there is a newer version than this one, I’d like to try. I also tried to return the operating system for the old version does not solve the problem.


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