Prevent Application Auto Start

It is a problem, if you make on your BlackBerry. Some applications run on boot. He asked for a startup of the application on your BlackBerry.

Quoted on how to prevent auto start, Some applications run on boot. Is there a way to prevent that happening?

Also, some applications do not leaves. There is a close in the menu, but it keeps running in the background.

An example is Mobipocket Reader. He does not understand why it will run at startup.

How can I stop it?

Mobipocket Reader

It generates error with IT policies

If you can put on a BES the policy of your company do not allow execution.
If so, then have no options but to let it run.

If I could answer the original question? I understand the BES IT policy and I do not think the application is started automatically. If you really want to know, yes it works, but try to connect to the Internet generates the error.

If the application developer to run the application was designed at the start, you can not change.

Uninstall the application of your choice.


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