Phone Not Showing Up on PC

Problems connecting your BlackBerry to the PC via a USB cable. Usually indicated by phone that does not appear on the PC. This happens when you want to see the image on the BlackBerry, but if you connect your phone to the PC that does not appear. The bubble approached the driver installation, but you can not access your cell phone. Charges while connected and have tried two USB cables.

To solve this problem occur on your PC, you can try to start the computer, connect your BlackBerry. They can be made in the current in the windows (Guess Windows) to look for updates. Check your settings again. Is compatible with cards, mass storage mode and what is to enable the automatic setting?

If the settings are correct next step is a hard reset. The reset can not. With the power on, remove the battery for at least 30 seconds. If you do this, do it again and wait a few minutes.


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