mobile contact numbers show as work numbers

I saved all my phone numbers on the SIM card from Nokia old. If in default, they all show a job as inserted. as quoted in mobile contact numbers show as work numbers:

How can I easily change phones?

I have two lists with the names of most of the work and at home that are no longer needed.

Any ideas how this is solved on an individual has an age?

It is my experience that some of the only way to do it was. I may be wrong, and maybe someone will correct me if I am. I had to enter each option when editing a contact and put the number in place. I guess you have something to do with a cup of coffee

There is no easy way to convert. You have duplicate entries, because the SIM card is only one number per name allowed. If you had an entry for the work and input for the home that is two entries in the BlackBerry. If you synchronize with Outlook, you can export from Outlook to a CSV file, read the CSV in Excel to manipulate entries in Excel, then write it as a CSV file to be read in Outlook, and synchronize your BlackBerry again . Did you ever want numbers on a SIM card store


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