8700 Suddenly Turns Off

This tutorial is how to fix it suddenly turned off on your BlackBerry 8700th This problem indicates that you are doing the call goes out suddenly. Also activated by using a charger or remove and replace.

You can fix this problem from 8700 is suddenly through the analysis of several factors. Card is usually the media that the phone is turned on. You may have a memory leak. Ensure the latest operating system is at the top of the page. Ideally, you should ensure that their applications when the phone is closed. Another possibility is that there is a connection problem with the battery circuit. If so, which is a hardware problem.

To resolve this problem is to ensure that the battery is difficult in the unit and not loose. Also, look at the pins of the delay and the battery contacts. Make sure that they are clean and not corroded. You can also try a different battery. While the battery indicates that it is loaded, can go wrong and can not deliver enough current demand.


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